Carole Palmer

Carole Palmer

Safe guarding and strategic development

Carole worked with London Skills & Development Network (LSDN) in a Quality and Curriculum role, she has recently resigned from this role with LSDN and has agreed to join the Governing Body.  Her role as the Safeguarding, Strategic partnership and Business Development lead will help to ensure compliance with Ofsted, ESFA/DfE and accredited awarding bodies.

I have worked in education and training for over 25 years, the last 7 of which as a consultant for LSDN. I also run my own business which is an OCR accredited training centre delivering vocational and managerial qualifications. I hold a Masters Degree in Education and have established a good reputation with both Awarding Bodies and OFSTED through my previous dealings both on behalf of LSDN, my own business and other organisations where I have undertaken a consultancy role.

I passionately believe in education and its role in enabling individuals to fulfil their potential in life. This is particularly important to those who have been disadvantaged through disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or social status. I also believe that education can be instrumental in enabling ex-offenders to turn their lives around and make a fresh start. Throughout my career I have been involved in vocational training and fully endorse its contribution to a skilled workforce within the local community.

During my time at LSDN I have seen the organisation grow and flourish and look forward to playing a strategic role in its further development as a member of the Governing Body.

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